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Music Meme - Day 19

Jules=feeling awesome
19. A song from your favorite album.

Begin To Hope - I was strictly a guitar and bass kinda gal before I was introduced Regina Spektor via a lovely FFVII AMV (which has unfortunately been deleted from Youtube since). One playlist viewing led to another and she is currently the reason for my deepest regret of not having buckled to the peer pressure of learning how to play piano like the otherwise good, middle-class Sri Lankan Malay girl that I am and then mastering it like the crystal-voiced, classy-schmucky Russian Jewish maestro of my lonely weekday evening soliloquys.

Ceremonials - Now if I could have Regina Spektor's piano-playing fingers and Florence Welch's vocal chords, it'd still be a miserable case of wasted potential on my part. But I digress: I've let slip about how much I adore this voice in many an overemotional blog post in the past (edited later under the influence of a calming mug of green tea). While I mentioned earlier that I like my nights doused with Regina, her piano, and occasional lapse into the most adorable East European accent, Florence will always have my best rainy-day mornings.

The Resistance - I would honest to God lose my virginity to this album and pretentiously hint at it my journals later on, that is seriously how Muse makes me feel at times and this album is the climax (pun intended) of all these feels and yep, here's another song for my 'Every OTP Ever' 8tracks mix.  


Music Meme - Day 18

Jules=feeling awesome
18. A song that you wish you heard on the radio.

I'm interpreting this is what I wish was played more here in the UAE. Two Door Cinema Club would be a nice break from the overplayed commercial techno, RnB, and the ol' hippity hop (sorry, I've been watching Bennet the Sage's videos on blip). The song's got a quirky, catchy tune and has a sometimes-annoying habit of popping up in your head when you least expect it. Basically the time of song I'd need playing when I particularly don't feel like going to work but have to because of all the paperwork I'd have to fill if I did decide to, as we Sri Lankans delicately phrase it, 'put a cut'.


Music Meme - Day 17

Jules=feeling awesome
17. A song that you often hear on the radio.

I was listening to this song today and thinking about how it's one of the strangest musical genre mash-ups I've heard in a while. Folksy instrumentation and EMD beats? Shucks, well, it works well enough for me not to have grown sick of it yet. Plus, it's one of the few songs my friends and I can agree to sing along to with nary a bicker about our vastly different music preferences, so there's that. 


Music Meme - Day 16

Jules=feeling awesome
16. A song that you used to love but now hate.

Hoo boy.

Of course, some explaining is warranted. To cut a long story short, The Beatles were one of the obsessions which permeated my college-period Musical Renaissance (excuse the pretension, pardon me please). In fact, I still listen to them from time to time and fully recommend their work as a whole. 'Happiness is a Warm Gun' and 'Across the Universe' are my favorites, for your information.

So, um, this song, well...

John Lennon was an asshole. I'm sorry, Beatles fans, but this needs more circulation.

And knowing is half the struggle, with 'Real Love' now leaving me with the audio version of a bad taste in the mouth whenever it pops up on my iTunes. To make up for it, I shall now be replacing it with Regina Spektor's excellent cover.


Music Meme - Day 15

Jules=feeling awesome
15. A song that describes you.

Sorry, I couldn't just stick to one. Even two proved to be a difficult choice as I still feel that there's more that needs to said if we're talking about music that basically sums up every single secret, dream, wish, heartache, and desire that drifts through... I don't wanna say 'my soul' because it's so goddamned cheesy and the writer in me abhors cliches but that's the closest (and probably best) word I can come up with.

So, soul tune, soul rhythm, what harmony might my unspoken words remind one of? 'Run' and 'Drive', I settle on eventually. Movement, positive kinetic acoustic, deceptively mellow guitars. The future, the never-present tomorrow which I always find myself pining for and, sometimes, it takes a few good, honest words and a simple melody to help me slow down and really listen to where I am at.

In the end, I guess it's how I get there that's more important than when.

Honorable Mentions: the yearning, the failings, the saving grace


Music Meme - Day 14

Jules=feeling awesome
14. A song that no one would expect you to love.

I like to think my music collection is as classy as fuck, but yeah, here's some K-pop. Oh, and while we're on the topic of songs that unexpectedly hit my sweet spots, here's also what I like to blast on my iPod earphones while I stand and wait for the bus to pick me up for work at four thirty in the morning.


Music Meme - Day 13

Jules=feeling awesome
13. A song that is a guilty pleasure.

I have a Michael Bolton song on my iTunes, but this one is one of my all-time faves. Ever. No kidding. I would karaoke the living shit out of this so embarrassingly hard and considering this is Steven Tyler we're talking here, you can bet I'll be setting myself up for a long, long, hard fall.

Fuck, I just had to go and mention 'long' and 'hard' in a description of my love for a gender-bender song.


Music Meme - Day 12

Jules=feeling awesome
12. A song from a band you hate.

So, for my first post in 173897 days, it's about something I find despicable (though I may have hit the Youtube refresh on this one a few more times than socially acceptable when I was but a wee, foolish fifteen year old).

In short, my sincerest apologies.


Music Meme: Day 11

Jules=feeling awesome
11. A song from your favorite band.

Believe it or not, this was, and still is, my go-to treadmill music. Muse opened up a lot of doors for me when it came to music with an intellectual edge a la 'the cool alt-rock' side of that ironically broad niche. This song isn't from my favorite album of theirs - that's another song for another day, winkwink - but if I had to pick one which summed up classic Muse, this is it. It just oozes cool and epic modern-day steampunk knights in armor in my head (but, again, a story for another day). 


Music Meme: Day 10

Jules=feeling awesome
10. A song that makes you fall asleep.

Unlike with my previous entries, this was an easy pick. While technically not a song, it's an awesome piece of music and kinda fitting for an epic dream-fest. Granted, it's also from a movie about the subject so there's that as well. Anyways, I'm more than happy to share this. Also, my runner-up choice: West Wing because everyone needs some bonus Disney.


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